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Title: Soybean Productivity in the Forest-Steppe of Ukraine under Ecologization of Cultivation Technology
Authors: Tkachuk O., Pantsyreva H., Kupchuk I., Volynets Y.
Keywords: soybean, legumes, fertilization system, pre-sowing seed treatment, retardant concentration, field germination, survivability.
Date of publication: 2024-04-18 13:38:36
Last changes: 2024-04-18 13:38:36
Year of publication: 2024
Summary: The scientific article is devoted to the greening of technologies and its individual aspects, which is an important agricultural measure that can curb further decline in soil fertility, stabilize production systems, and reduce dependence on technological factors. Of the entire complex of agrotechnical measures in biologically based soybean cultivation technologies, the lowest material and labor costs are incurred for pre-sowing seed treatment with bacterial preparations and treatment of crops with growth regulators. The effect of biological products – growth regulators is due to their influence on the plant organism at certain stages of organogenesis and is associated with significant changes in the process of metabolism, restructuring of a number of metabolic systems. In the course of experimental studies, a variant with seed treatment with Rizogumin-Plus and two-time treatment of crops with the retardant chlormequat chloride was identified by the manifestation of the studied soybean traits: first – in phase of the 3rd trifoliate leaf, second – in the budding phase. The main objective of the research was to study the patterns of manifestation and formation of productivity elements and yield level of soybean agrophytocenoses depending on varietal composition, pre-sowing treatment of seeds with a bacterial preparation and concentration of retardant. During 2018–2022, a three-factor experiment will be conducted in the Right-Bank Forest-Steppe of Ukraine. The material of the research was soybean varieties of domestic selection – Azimuth and Golubka, which were studied according to the following field experiment scheme: control (no treatment), seed inoculation (treatment of seed with the biological preparation Rizogumin), concentration of retardant (no treatment, 0.5%, 0.75% and 1% solution). The relevance of the research is reinforced by the task of applied research on the topic: «Development of scientific and technological support for improving soil fertility and rational use of bioresources potential» (state registration number: 0124U000444).
Publication type: Статті Scopus
Publication: Journal of Ecological Engineering. 2024. Vol. 25, Issue 5. P. 279-293. DOI:
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