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Title: Waste-free biofuel production technologies as a way to the European Green Deal
Authors: Honcharuk I.V., Yemchyk T.V.
Keywords: agro-industrial complex, soil degradation, digestate, bioenergy recycling, biogas
Date of publication: 2024-04-15 15:00:33
Last changes: 2024-04-15 15:00:33
Year of publication: 2024
Summary: This article analyzes the perspective of implementing target indicators in the green transition of the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine. It is established that soil degradation has acquired a global dimension, and it has become a serious problem of a socio-economic nature due to the military actions in Ukraine. Analysis of the state of agricultural land was performed based on the following indicators: humus content in the soil, volume of application of organic and mineral fertilizers, pesticides, land area under organic production, etc. The purpose of the study is to assess the impact of implementing waste-free biofuel production technologies at the enterprises of the agro-industrial complex to achieve eco-goals of the European Green Deal. The article outlines target guidelines for achieving eco-goals of the European Green Deal. Further steps necessary to overcome current problems in compliance with the norms of the EU legislation on environmental protection at agricultural enterprises for the sale of agricultural products to European markets are proposed. It has been scientifically proven that the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine has an untapped potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions through ecological modernization and implementing waste-free production technologies. It is suggested to use biogas plants as a promising means of solving the problems of waste disposal, improving the ecological situation, reducing energy dependence, and increasing soil fertility. The effectiveness of applying organic fertilizer, namely digestate, a by-product of methane fermentation, as biofertilizers at agricultural enterprises has been proven. Recommendations are provided regarding soil regeneration measures in Ukraine in the future.
Publication type: Статті Scopus
Publication: Polityka Energetyczna. 2024. Vol. 27. Issue. 1. P. 81-94. DOI: 10.33223/epj/175284
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