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Title: Аdaptability and agroecological sustainability of fast ripening soybean varieties
Authors: Tkachuk O.P., Didur I.M., Mazur O.V.
Keywords: soybeans, fast ripening varieties, adaptability, agroecological sustainability, yield, quality
Date of publication: 2023-03-24 10:22:21
Last changes: 2023-03-24 10:22:21
Year of publication: 2023
Summary: The growing season of ultra-fast ripening and fast ripening soybean varieties comprises 83-85 days. 17 ultra-fast and fast ripening soybean varieties were included in the State Register of Plant Varieties of Ukraine Suitable for Cultivation in 2021. The growing season for the majority of them is 85 days. However, it is shorter for Diona – 83 days and Arnica – 84 days. The height of plants of fast ripening soybean varieties differs greatly – from 58 cm to 110 cm. Arrata is the highest variety – 110 cm, Rohiznianka and Rizdviana are 81 cm each, OAC Avatar and Diona – 80 cm each. The height of the lower beans attachment of fast ripening soybean varieties is 10-16 cm from the soil surface. OAC Brooke has the highest attachment of lower beans – 16 cm. It is followed by Rohiznianka – 15 cm, Kobza and OAC Avatar – 14 cm each. Resistance to lodging is an indicator that determines if a plant can be cut completely without its stem bending over. Aventurine, OAC Lakeview, Hieba and Berkana have the highest level of resistance to lodging and received 9 points each; OAC Avatar, Rohiznianka, Holubka got 8.9 points each. All fast ripening soybean varieties have high resistance to seed shedding – 7-9 points. The most drought-resistant varieties include OAC Lakeview, Hieba, Berkana – they got 9 points each. The most disease-resistant soybean varieties are Aventurine, Kobza, Diona, Arrata, Rohiznianka, Arnica – they received 9 points each. The seed yield of fast ripening soybean varieties is 2-3.25 t/ha. Diona has the highest yield – 3.25 t/ha followed by Arrata – 3 t/ha. The least productive varieties are Rohiznianka – 2 t/ha, OAC Brooke – 2.03 t/ha, Kobza – 2.14 t/ha. Soy varieties with the highest protein content in seeds include Berkana – 43.4%, Raiduha – 42.3%, Holubka and Melody – 42.1% each. The seeds of Arrata have the lowest protein content – 38%. It is followed by Legend and Diona – 38.5% each, and then Kobza – 39.1%. As for the fat content, Hieba is leading – 22%, followed by OAC Lakeview – 21.7% and Holubka – 21.6%. The seeds of Krasunia have the lowest fat content – 19.3% followed by Arnica – 20.5% and Melody – 20 .6%.
Publication type: Статті у наукових фахових виданнях України (Copernicus та інші)
Publication: Наукові доповіді НУБіП. 2023. № 1/101.
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