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Title: The efficiency evalution of providing excursion services in the tourist activity of Ukraine
Authors: Sakhno A., Salkova I., Petruk N., Popovych Y., Vychivskyi P., Zarichniak A., Abuselidze G.
Keywords: excursion services, tourist activity, expenses for excursion service, expenses for excursion buses, income from excursion activity, efficiency of rendering excursion services, method of the operating environment analysis
Date of publication: 2023-03-21 11:37:13
Last changes: 2023-03-21 11:37:13
Year of publication: 2023
Summary: It has been proved the significance of excursion services in the system of tourist activity of Ukraine. It has been proposed to conduct research based on the impact on the environment of the excursion services provision of three indicators: effective one - income from excursion activities and two factor ones - the cost of excursion services and the cost of tour buses. It has been substantiated the necessity of using the method analysis of the operating, which allowed to build a line of technical efficiency, to identify areas of technically efficient and technically inefficient for the implementation of excursion activities. It has been proved that now in most regions of Ukraine, as a result of providing excursion services, the income is not enough to cover the costs of excursion services and / or excursion buses. As a result of graphic design to improve the conditions for the operating environment, it has been proposed to assess the effectiveness in three areas: possibility of achieving efficiency, prospects of increasing efficiency and inefficiency. It has been also proved now the inability of the state to improve providing excursion services system; however, the areas in which excursion activity development testifies to prospects in the future are revealed.
Publication type: Статті Scopus
Publication: Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems. 2022. Vol. 574 (1). P. 1216-1224.
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