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Title: Activities of non-government organizations of commodity proucers of Ukraine under the conditions of reforming economic relations (90s of the 20 century)
Authors: Levchuk K.
Keywords: non-government organization, trade unions, the Federation of Professional Unions of Ukraine, Association of Farmers of Ukraine, the Peasants` Union of Ukraine.
Date of publication: 2023-03-05 14:23:42
Last changes: 2023-03-05 14:23:42
Year of publication: 2023
Summary: The failure of state structures to ensure compliance with basic constitutional and legislative guarantees in the field of labor, employment, and social protection of the population increased tension in society, led to growing dissatisfaction with both the institutions of power and the nature of economic transformations carried out by them. In these conditions, trade union organizations, as the most representative public organizations of workers, had to prove to the power structures their position, their vision regarding the directions for overcoming the crisis and further social development. For this, trade unions of Ukraine needed to change the concept of activity, develop its new strategy and tactics in the conditions of democratization of society and economic reforms.
Associations of entrepreneurs, farmers, tenants, etc. are included in public organizations operating in the economic spheres. employers and private owners. They are the result of the self-organization of commodity producers, which contributes to increasing the structuring and self-regulation of the economy. Unlike trade unions, public associations of entrepreneurs faced other tasks, which consisted in the formation of corporate interests and awareness of the need to develop their own consistent and comprehensive economic policy.

Publication type: Монографії видані за кордоном
Publication: Ukraine is modern. Scientific studies of the past and present. Monograph. Primedia eLaunch,Boston, USA. 2023. P. 88-115. DOI: 10.46299/979-8-88896-532-0.3
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