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Title: Prospective directions of development of marketing in the agricultural products market of Vinnytsia region in the center of European integration
Authors: Mazur K.
Keywords: European integration, marketing, products market
Date of publication: 2022-12-18 11:39:58
Last changes: 2022-12-18 11:39:58
Year of publication: 2022
Summary: In modern conditions of global and transformational changes, the role of management of marketing activities of agrarian enterprises is growing. Understanding and using the concept of marketing in the management of agro-industrial enterprises in the conditions of European integration is a mandatory element of effective entrepreneurial activity. The quality of marketing activity in management is decisive, as it determines the highly profitable rhythmic activity of the enterprise. Studies of agricultural enterprises of Ukraine confirm that, although the implementation of marketing is becoming more and more widespread, all existing forms of management of marketing activities are not yet fully used. What would ensure the competitiveness of agricultural enterprises, adaptation to constant changes in the external environment and market conditions, stability of economic conditions. Management of marketing activities plays a significant role in the development and effective operation of an agricultural enterprise. It is effective work in the field of marketing activity management that will increase the competitiveness of an agricultural enterprise, expand its opportunities to enter new markets, and lead to an increase in product sales and profit growth. Due to inertia, many enterprises do not pay attention to the importance of such a component as marketing management, which in the future negatively affects their economic indicators. The article examines the main features of marketing management of agricultural enterprises of the Vinnytsia region and Ukraine as a whole in the conditions of European integration. The significance of the research on the management of marketing activities, which is necessary not only for profit, but also for being competitive in the market, is determined. The necessity of using an integrated marketing approach is substantiated. The expediency of using modern methods of product promotion has been determined The scientific basis of managing the economic development of agribusiness entities is revealed in the works of Ukrainian economists - V. Andriychuk, I. Balaniuk, I. Gryshova, G. Kaletnik, M. Malik, P. Sabluk, A. Tretyak, O. Shpykulyak and other scientists. Theoretical issues of strategic management are highlighted in the scientific works of M. Albert, O. Amosov, I. Ansoff, Y. Zavadskyi, M. Meskon, G. Mintzberg, H. Mostovoi, G. Odintsova, M. Porter, A. Thompson, A. Fayol and other domestic and foreign authors. The theoretical principles of marketing activity management became the object of research by H. Armstrong, L. Balabanova, O. Varchenko, A. Voychak, O. Gudzynskiy, P. Doyle, H. Kaletnik, S. Kamilova, F. Kotler, Zh-Zh . Lamben, I. Lytovchenko, L. Naumova, M. Oklander, O. Osnach, P. Ostrovsky, A. Pavlenko, I. Reshetnikov, M. Sakhatsky, I. Solovyov, O. Chirva, O. Shpychak, many other domestic and foreign scientists. Theoretical studies and practical recommendations of the mentioned scientists formed the general methodical basis of marketing management of agricultural enterprises. However, research on the management of marketing activities of agribusiness subjects is not sufficiently systematic and complete. In the practice of domestic agricultural enterprises, there are a number of shortcomings that reduce the effectiveness of marketing activities in the conditions of European integration. These include: chaotic use of individual elements of marketing, reduction of marketing functions only to stimulating the sale of goods, food, orientation to the short-term perspective, lack of flexibility and ignorance of consumer requests. To solve these tasks, it is necessary to develop measures to promote the sale of products through the formation of a sales support system and the development of cooperation with the EU. In these conditions, the role of marketing activity of agricultural enterprises increases and the need to develop recommendations for the organization and development of marketing tools in agro-industrial production at the level of enterprises and the region, which determines the relevance of this scientific research. The results of the research presented in the monograph were carried out as part of the initiative theme of the Department of Agrarian Management and Marketing of Vinnytsia National Agrarian University "Development of the concept of management of marketing activity of agricultural enterprises" state registration number: 0122U002111. for 2022-2024
Publication type: Монографії видані за кордоном
Publication: Management of marketing activities of agricultural formations in the conditions of European integration Monograph. Primedia eLaunch, Boston, USA. Р. 30-48. DOI: 10.46299/979-8-88862-828-7.2
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