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Title: Management of agricultural business in war conditions:features of accounting and taxation
Authors: Ishchenko Ya., Semenyshena N., Yevdokymova N., Stepaniuk O., Tsaruk V.
Keywords: accounting, martial law, raxation, labor relations, charitable assistance, credit, loss of assets usefulness /
Date of publication: 2022-06-28 13:34:23
Last changes: 2022-06-28 13:34:23
Year of publication: 2022
Summary: The publication is devoted to the development of recommendations for agricultural enterprises on the accounting of special operations to ensure the management function under martial law. The main problems of business production, which are the result of Russia`s military aggression against Ukraine, are highlighted. The article summarizes the features of information support for the needs of management in martial law. The expediency of liberalizing the requirements for primary accounting for the special period is substantiated, which will allow adapting the documentation system to the specifics of organizing business processes under martial law. The main changes in the organization of labor relations and accounting for payments to employees are indicated. The procedure for taxation of charitable assistance is reflected, considering changes in the current legislation, the procedure for assessing charitable assistance, and a methodology for its accounting when providing and receiving is proposed. An algorithm for providing state assistance to small and medium-sized agricultural producers through the compensation of the interest rate on attracted loans has been studied, and a method for accounting for such assistance has been proposed. It is singled out as a specific object of accounting, the property of enterprises, which, due to its territorial location in the zone of active hostilities, in the zone of temporary occupation or other negative factors of the influence of the war, has become unuseful. It is concluded that the procedure for determining the amount of the expected recovery of an asset and losses from reducing its applicability, which is given in NSA No 28, cannot be applied in the event of the destruction of property (full or partial) and due to other negative factors of war impact. Such an assessment procedure should be determined by the state centrally, considering current wastage and losses from lost profits in the future; the procedure for accounting for the loss of utility of such property is proposed. The possibilities of tax management of agricultural enterprises to change the taxation system under martial law have been studied and methodological modes of reflection in the accounting of calculations for a single tax of payers of the 3rd group are offered.
Publication type: Статті Web of Science
Publication: Independent Journal of Management & Production. 2022. Vol. 13 (4). P. S602-S624.
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