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Title: Risks in the credit activities of banks of Ukraine
Authors: Martseniuk O.
Keywords: banking systems, risk, credit risk, currency risk, credit risk indicators, diversification, limits
Date of publication: 2020-05-12 11:52:24
Last changes: 2020-05-12 11:52:24
Year of publication: 2020
Summary: The strategic goal of the banking system of Ukraine is to ensure its sustainable development by achieving reliability, resilience to crises, improving the quality and efficiency of its activities. Banking risk management plays an important role in strengthening the country`s banking system, increasing confidence in its depositors and investors. All existing businesses make money with some risk. In this respect, banks are no different from them, however, success is achieved only when the risks that the banks take on are foreseen and are within defined limits. In Journal of science. Lyon №7/2020 9 the context of the transition to a market economy in the banking sector, the importance of correctly assessing the risk that the bank assumes when carrying out various operations is increasing. The article deals with topical problems of credit risk management of commercial banks. Theoretical aspects of the nature of credit risk are investigated. The views of leading scholars on defining the concept of "credit risk" are outlined. The article investigates the structure of credit risk and ways to minimize it, taking into account credit risk indicators. The reasons that cause credit risk are outlined. The techniques and measures of credit risk protection, which allow to minimize possible losses of commercial banks, are substantiated. It has been proven that in order to succeed in a particular area of activity that is at increased risk, banks need to develop specific decision-making mechanisms. They should be able to assess what risks and to what extent the bank can take over; determine if the expected return justifies the appropriate risk. On this basis, measures should be developed and implemented to reduce the impact of risk factors.
Publication type: Статті
Publication: Journal of sciencе. Lyon. - France : Lyon, 2020. - № 7. - Ч. 2. - С. 8-15.
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