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Title: Changes in heavy metals content in winter wheat grain and flour under right-bank forest-steppe conditions
Authors: Яковець Л. А.
Keywords: winter wheat, flour, contamination, heavy metals
Date of publication: 2019-12-02 09:26:44
Last changes: 2019-12-02 09:26:44
Year of publication: 2019
Summary: The article presents data on the contamination with heavy metals of winter wheat grain grown under intensive farming conditions. The decrease in heavy metals content during grinding of winter wheat grain into different fractions of flour: high- grade, first-grade, second-grade and bran was investigated.
According to the results of the conducted research it was established that grinding of winter wheat grain into different fractions of flour allows to reduce the lead content in high-grade flour by 71,8 %, first-grade flour – by 51,5 %,compared to the lead content in grain; cadmium content in high-grade flour decreases by 75,0 %, first-grade – by 50,0 %, second-grade – by 25,0 %, but increases in bran by 60,0% compared to the cadmium content in grain; the copper content in high-grade flour is 72,0 % lower, first-grade flour – 52,0 % lower, second-grade flour – 47,4 % lower, but at the same time higher in bran by 50,7%, compared to the copper content in grain; zinc content in high-grade flour decreases by 95,9 %, first-grade flour – by 54,6 %, second-grade flour – by 51,7 %, but at the same time increases in bran by 68,2 %, compared to zinc content in winter wheat grain.

Publication type: Статті
Publication: Сільське господарство та лісівництво : зб. наук. пр. ВНАУ. - 2019. - № 15. - С. 214-221.
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