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Title: Organizational basis of the development of innovative functional food products by the Ukrainian enterprises of deep walnut processing
Authors: Kaletnik H., Lutsiak V., Melnichuk O., Dovhan Y., Malicki M.
Keywords: walnut, oil, functional, food, marketing
Date of publication: 2019-04-05 10:04:26
Last changes: 2019-04-05 10:04:26
Year of publication: 2019
Summary: Ukraine industrial enterprises, engaged in deep processing of walnuts, have a significant export potential. The lack of methodological bases for the development of innovations by domestic enterprises reduces this potential. Materials and methods. An approach of the analysis of value chain was used, marketing functional and process approaches were used to. The research uses also: fundamental interviews with experts, laboratory experimental studies, production and implementation of the developed innovative products. Developing of innovative products was conducted on the basis of Quality Function Deployment methodology. Results and discussion. The results of our research demonstrate that Ukraine is involved in the process of diversification of the world edible oil market and innovations development. The industry of deep walnut processing provides a kernel walnut for the confectionery and animal feeding, edible walnut oil, industrial oil and oilcake, which can be processed into food products or used to feed livestock on the domestic and foreign markets. Remains (wastes) from production can be effectively recycled or used in other industries. In addition, walnut kernels are also considered to be a product of the edible oil industry. Other byproducts of walnut are being studied. In the development of the industry of deep walnut processing, as well as in the short term prospect, the focus is on the confectionery kernel and walnut oil. In the course of the industry development, innovative by-products will be developed through exploration and support of the development of alternative ways of using remains as they arise. The value of obtained results is the possibility of using the obtained theoretical and methodological conclusions, recommendations and regulations for agrarian and food processing enterprises to solve the problem of competitiveness of the enterprise and its products when exporting in the conditions of high dynamics of business environment based on the system relations of the manufacturing enterprise in the industry of deep walnut processing. Conclusion. The model of the value chain for the processing of walnuts and the technology of production of new products is offered.
Publication type: Статті Web of Science Core Collection
Publication: Ukrainian Food Journal. - 2019. - Vol. 8, Issue 1. - P. 169-180.
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