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Назва: Financial initiatives in ensuring the investment activity of agricultural producers in the conditions of globalization challenges.
Автори: Hryshchuk N.
Ключові слова: globalization, financial instruments, agricultural sector, global financial, banks, financial obligations.
Дата публікації: 2022-05-22 22:41:58
Останні зміни: 2022-05-22 22:41:58
Рік видання: 2022
Аннотація: The purpose of the study is to study and summarize the existing views of scientists and practitioners on the application of various financial instruments in the theory and practice of investment resources in the agricultural sector in the context of globalization challenges. Methodology. The methodological basis of the study were the provisions of state regulation of the economy, investment and the theory of agricultural relations. Theoretical and methodological basis of the study are general and special methods of scientific knowledge: generalization – identified benefits and caveats for the use of certain financial instruments in the agricultural sector, analogy, analysis and synthesis, induction and deduction (to clarify the conceptual apparatus, theoretical generalizations of research, conclusions and proposals); On the basis of systematic and comparative analyzes, innovative instruments for financing agricultural producers are grouped. Results. The practice of using various financial instruments in the system of formation of investment resources of the agricultural sector of Ukraine in the context of globalization challenges is assessed. Internal and external financial instruments are distinguished on the basis of the generalization of the prevailing financial practices of raising funds by economic entities in the agricultural sector. It was revealed and proved that the most widespread in recent years in the list of domestic financial instruments were: bank lending, which includes agricultural insurance, avalized promissory notes, lending for software products; forward purchases; agricultural receipts. Globalization challenges lead to the expansion (emergence of new) financial instruments to attract investment resources, in particular: factoring and mezzanine lending.
Тип виданя: Статті у зарубіжних наукових фахових виданнях (Copernicus та інші)
Видавництво: Three Seas Economic Journal. 2022. Vol. 3 № 1. Р. 59-67.
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