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Title: Comparative analysis of pedagogical technologies in the context of future agrarians’ multicultural education in the usa
Keywords: pedagogical technology, professional training, future agrarians, traditional teaching, module, democratization, personality-orientated approach, methodical classification.
Date of publication: 2015-06-25 09:13:33
Last changes: 2015-06-25 09:13:33
Year of publication: 2015
Summary: In the article the comparative analysis of pedagogical technologies in the USA has been carried out in the context of future agrarians’ multicultural education. The essence of traditional and innovative pedagogical technologies and the peculiarities of their realization at higher educational establishments are viewed. The expediency of developing the pedagogical technology of forming future agrarians’ multicultural competence is reasoned. The classification of pedagogical technologies is presented according to the level of application; the philosophical basis; the scientific conception of mastering the experience; the orientation on personality’s structures; the nature of modernisation of the traditional teaching system. The possibility of their determination is also considered due to the aims and tasks, the organizational forms, the dominant methods of teaching, the approaches to the personality, the category of students, the type of cognitive activity’s organization and management. The special attention is paid to two directions of the education’s development – traditional and innovative. The educational process in the American post-industrial, inform society and its attributive characteristics are described is substantially determined by a personality factor, pushing off from this, exactly the value of personality must serve as an initial moment in organizing the system of higher professional education. Here are two directions of the education’s development – traditional and innovative.
The practical aspects of implementing the traditional pedagogical technology, the technology of developing teaching, the programmable teaching technology, the problem-solving teaching technology, the module teaching technology, the concentrated teaching technology and the distance teaching technology are viewed.

Publication type: Статті
Publication: Comparative Professional Pedagogy (2015), Volume 6, Issue 2: Scientific Journal [Chief. ed. N. М. Bidyuk]. Kyiv–Khmelnytskyi : KhNU. – p. 221.
In the collections : 2015 р./ Публікації співробітників у виданнях інших установ/
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