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Title: Classification and analysis of methods and equipment for dehydration of damp dispersive materials
Authors: Sevostianov I., Tokarchuk D., Didyk А.
Keywords: dehydration, hydraulic press, damp dispersive materials, separation, productivity, energy consumption, final humidity
Date of publication: 2023-03-24 10:05:09
Last changes: 2023-03-24 10:05:09
Year of publication: 2022
Summary: Dehydration of damp dispersive materials is a wide spread group of processes in food and processing industry. In particular to this group belong processes of separation of damp dispersive waste of food enterprises (alcoholic bard, beer pellets, beet press, coffee and barley slime) at solid and liquid phases. At majority of Ukrainian food enterprises this waste is poured out on the ground or in nearby ponds, but in case of its separation the solid phase of such materials can be used as valuable additive to agricultural fodders or as fuel. As a result, one can provide a complex solution of problems: waste utilization, prevention of nature pollution and receipt of an additional income from realization of fodders or fuel. There are a lot of methods of dehydration of damp dispersive materials that can be divided at several groups: mechanical, thermal, electrophysical, biological, chemical and combined. An improved classification of main methods of dehydration of damp dispersive materials and equipment for their realization is presented in the article. This classification allows to conduct a more systemized and founded analysis of advantages and disadvantages of the methods, to select an optimal method with consideration of conditions and parameters of a concrete enterprise and processed material. Such analysis and selection can be realized with help of a computer program. There is substantiated high efficiency of mechanical dehydration methods of damp dispersive materials, in particular, the method of pressing on equipment with hydraulic or unbalanced drive. There are proposed a block-scheme of an algorithm of automated analysis of methods and equipment for dehydration of damp dispersive materials
for selection of admissible and most effective variants of their processing by such main criterions: as productivity, expenses of energy, specific consumption of materials of equipment and final humidity of processed material.
Publication type: Статті
Publication: Техніка, енергетика, транспорт АПК. 2022. № 3 (118). С. 53-58. DOI: 10.37128/2520-6168-2022-3-7
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