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Title: Adaptive influence of pressure change of the hydraulic system of the hydraulic drive
Authors: Kravets S.
Keywords: hydraulic system, induced modulus of elasticity, volumetric hydraulic drive, temperature, pressure
Date of publication: 2023-03-21 13:31:10
Last changes: 2023-03-21 13:31:10
Year of publication: 2022
Summary: The efficiency of hydrogenated machines of various technological purposes depends to a large extent on the temperature of the environment. Temperature is the main factor in the efficiency of the hydraulic drive, which changes the physical properties of the working fluid: viscosity, moisture content, gases and mechanical impurities, which determine its modulus of elasticity. Efficiency is significantly reduced both at low temperatures and at high temperatures. The high-temperature mode of the hydraulic drive reduces the technical and operational performance of hydraulic machines (construction and road, mountain, agricultural and other self-propelled machines). High temperature is one of the most important factors that intensively affect the aging of the working fluid. An increase in the temperature of the lubricant above 70° C leads to a decrease in the lubricating capacity and premature wear of the equipment, an increase in the leakage of the lubricant, a decrease in its viscosity, thermal destruction with the formation of tarry deposits on the internal surfaces of the hydraulic equipment. Intensive wear is observed due to a decrease in the lubricating capacity of the friction surfaces, a decrease volumetric efficiency of hydraulic machines, changes in the linear dimensions of heated elements, as a result, the accuracy of technological operations deteriorates and the resource of hydraulic equipment is significantly reduced. All this leads to a decrease in the parameters of productivity and reliability of machines. Hydrogenated machines operated at elevated temperatures require a number of measures to increase heat transfer and stabilize the temperature regime. This article examines the issue of determining the given modulus of elasticity of the hydraulic system of a volumetric hydraulic drive using the example of the experimental model of the TT4M-23L tracked crawler tractor and the relationship of the given modulus with pressure and temperature. An equation is calculated that allows establishing the relationship between pressure and the given modulus of elasticity of the hydraulic system.
Publication type: Статті у наукових фахових виданнях України (Copernicus та інші)
Publication: Техніка, енергетика, транспорт АПК. 2022. №4 (119). С. 55-60. DOI: 10.37128/2520-6168-2022-4-7
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