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Title: Tourism insurance management.
Authors: Aleskerova Y., Fedoryshyna L.
Keywords: Tourism, insurance, management.
Date of publication: 2022-05-11 08:30:38
Last changes: 2022-05-11 08:30:38
Year of publication: 2022
Summary: The purpose of the tourism insurance management is the tourism industry has always had a definite danger to life as tourists themselves and its employees. Natural disasters, unfortunate cases, miscalculations
in production and economic activities and other unforeseen events may disrupt the balanced activities of tourism complex. At the same time with the development of science technological progress of natural and industrial economic cataclysms are not reduced. For ensuring stable tourist activities enterprises and guaranteeing quality to tourists, in particular in areas of increased risk, there are various management tools risk, one of which is insurance. Fear- as a component of the security system in tourism industry
contributes to the stabilization of activities tourist enterprises and tour operators companies, as well as the safety of tourist travel both in Ukraine and abroad. Tourist travel carries a lot surprises. A tourist can become a victim disaster or robbery, sudden due to changes in weather and other circumstances may not live up to his expectations quiet rest. In these and many others In some cases, there will be a need to provide burn yourself from their harmful effects or minimize them. Therefore, the issue of insurance services management in tourism is important. Effective implementation of insurance products in the field of tourists through various distribution channels These intermediaries are an important area of marketing. Results. Tting strategy of insurance companies of Ukraine, therefore, generalization is necessary for its development domestic and foreign experience, scientific
ensuring the formation and functioning sales systems of this type. That is, for the plant- building a strong position in the insurance market tourists for the insurer it is important to have message to offer more diversified service package. Ukrainian insurers are actions to rethink global trends to improve the business climate tourism. Value/originalit. Ukraine lags far behind in implementing measures to support the tourism sector, which poses a serious threat to the competitiveness of the industry in the global market during the projected recovery in 2021. The world still faces serious challenges, from
the indefinite duration of the pandemic to restrictions on movement, all in the context of the global economic recession. Countries around the world are implementing a wide range of measures to minimize the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and encourage the recovery of the tourism sector. The prospects for the tourism economy remain extremely uncertain, and confidence in business and travel has been hit hard. Clear communication, well-developed information policies and clear epidemiological criteria will
be particularly important where there is a need to change travel restrictions and containment measures in response to virus outbreaks and changes in the health situation. The crisis is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that encourages us to move towards fairer, more sustainable and sustainable
(socio-environmental-economic) models of tourism development. The pandemic again revealed structural weaknesses in the tourism system and vulnerability to external shocks. There is an urgent need to diversify and strengthen the resilience of the tourism economy, better prepare for future shocks, address long-standing structural weaknesses and encourage the digital, low-carbon transformations needed to move to stronger, fairer and more sustainable tourism models.

Publication type: Монографії видані за кордоном
Publication: Scientific monograph. Part 1. Riga, Latvia: Baltija Publishing, 2022. P. 39-71.
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