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Title: Strategic Priorities of the System Modernization Environmental Safety under Sustainable Development
Authors: Kaletnik G., Lutkovska S.
Keywords: strategy, environmental security, sustainable development, priority
Date of publication: 2020-09-07 16:46:08
Last changes: 2020-09-07 16:46:08
Year of publication: 2020
Summary: In this article it is proved that strategic planning and implementation of strategic priorities of guaranteeing environmental safety as a phenomenon and process of predicting the future and preparing for the future is interpreted quite widely: as an integrated process of preparation and decision making of a certain type, as formulating goals and defining ways to achieve
them, as ensuring preparedness of economic and social objects for competition in the markets, etc. Strategic planning is found to be an adaptive process that regularly develops and corrects a system of sufficiently formalized plans, reviewing the content of their implementation measures on the basis of continuous monitoring and evaluating changes occurring externally
and internally. The mechanism of realization of interrelation of strategic tasks and operational decisions in strategic planning is developed. Priorities of improvement of modernization measures in the field of ecological safety development have been elaborated, which consist of the following components: 1) development of normative and legal base in the sphere of ensuring ecological and natural-anthropogenic safety, its adaptation to the norms of international and European law; 2) institutionalization of ecological and natural anthropogenic safety on the basis of sustainable development; 3) development of information-analytical, scientifically sound monitoring system of environmental and natural-anthropogenic safety; 4) forecasting the state of environmental and anthropogenic safety by 2030; 5) increasing attention to the problems of ensuring environmental and natural-anthropogenic safety at the regional level and identifying strategic directions for overcoming them, based on regional peculiarities of the danger; 6) state control over ecological development of sectors of national economy, development of innovative technologies, ecological modernization; 7) overcoming problems of industrial and household
waste management; 8) the social imperative to ensure environmental safety; 9) improvement of mechanisms of financial extrabudgetary provision of ecological and natural anthropogenic safety at micro and macro levels; 10) support for bilateral and multilateral parity security cooperation.
Publication type: Статті Scopus
Publication: Journal of Environmental Management and Tourism. - 2020. - Vol. XI, Issue 5 (45). - Р. 1124-1131.
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