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Title: Green economy as a mechanism for implementing organic production development
Authors: Hutsalenko O., Todosiichuk V.
Keywords: green economy, organic production
Date of publication: 2020-06-22 16:07:50
Last changes: 2020-06-22 16:07:50
Year of publication: 2020
Summary: The purpose of the study is to introduce the green economy as a mechanism for implementing the development of organic production in Ukraine. Method. To achieve this goal, we use common scientific and specific research methods: we have compared the state of green resources in Ukraine and foreign countries, analyzed the concepts and resolutions of various congresses and seminars in the field of green economy and organic production, compared with the green economy of different countries and areas of organic and of environmental production, investigated the Environmental Performance Index and Environmental Safety Indicators. Results. According to the survey, Ukraine was ranked among the ten countries with the lowest levels of security, according to experts of the World Economic Forum, taking the 127th place out of 136, along with countries such as Honduras, Kenya, Egypt, Venezuela, Nigeria, Pakistan, El Salvador, Yemen and Colombia. The Philippines, Lebanon, Mali and Bangladesh are ahead of Ukraine. Finland, the United Arab Emirates, Iceland
and Oman rank first in the ranking. In total, 136 countries are rated. In terms of environmental stability, Ukraine ranks 90th, ahead of Laos, Kazakhstan and Bahrain. Switzerland, Austria and Norway are the most stable in terms of the environment. Value / originality. Ukraine has a powerful earthquakepotential. However, imperfect farming technologies, the extensive nature of agricultural production, neglect of land resources at the disposal of economic agents in the absence of a closed cycle of use, lead to a significant deterioration of the quality of land resources and aggravation of man-made problems. Every year, over one thousand hectares of disturbed lands are lost in Ukraine, which have lost their economic, ecological and economic value due to disturbance of the soil cover due to human production activity or natural factors; the permissible volumes and the list of inorganic products, substances, products obtained in the transitional period, which in exceptional cases can be used in the production of organic products (raw materials), for each of the product categories, substances shall be established by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.
Publication type: Монографії видані за кордоном
Publication: Theoretical and practical aspects of the development of the European Research Area: monograph / edited by authors. – 1st ed. – Riga, Latvia : “Baltija Publishing”, 2020. – 322 p.
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