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Title: A Study of the Emerald Network objects in Ukrainian ForestSteppe of Dnieper Ecological Corridor = Дослідження об’єктів Смарагдової мережі в екологічному коридорі Дніпра в Лісостепу
Authors: Solomakha І. V., Konishchuk V. V., Mudrak O. V., Mudrak H. V.
Keywords: Resolution No 4, Resolution No 6, The Emerald object, Biodiversity, Habitats
Date of publication: 2020-06-22 12:30:12
Last changes: 2020-06-22 12:30:12
Year of publication: 2020
Summary: The national ecological network is being developed in Ukraine to create pan-European ecological network. The legislative framework is adopted, the network of nature reserve fund objects is expanded, and ecological corridors of national and regional signifi cance are formed. The Dnieper Ecological Corridor is one of the largest ones in Ukraine and has trans-boundary significance. Thus, the
priority task is to study flora, fauna, and natural habitats of the region in order to preserve and reproduce the rare components of biotic and landscape diversity. To fulfill these tasks, the Emerald Network was created. It includes territories of special nature conservation significance. The Emerald Network of Ukraine ensures conservation of the most valuable and typical c omponents of landscape and biotic diversity, including habitats of rare and endangered animals and plants species. These areas include nat ural objects in the valley of the forest steppe part of Dnieper River basin, where there is a combination of reservoirs cascade with the remnants of the Dnieper flood plain and mouth areas. In 2016, the list of 271 Emerald objects of Ukraine was approved. A tota l of 11 objects were designated on the forest steppe territory of the Dnieper Ecological Corridor. The article gives a brief description of
the Emerald objects, as well as a list of habitats from Resolution No 4 and species from Resolution No 6 found on this territ ory.
These objects with habitats and species are: Kanivskyi Nature Reserve – 89 species and 17 habitats, Holosiivskyi National Nature
Park – 36 and 23, Nyzhnovorsklianskyi Regional Landscape Park – 48 and 21, Nyzhniosulskyi National Nature Park – 57 and 17,
Kremenchutski Plavni Regional Landscape Park – 38 and 19, Kremenchutske Reservoir – 43 and 20, Kanivske Reservoir – 89 and 19, Dniprodzerzhynske Reservoir – 35 and 21, Ponyzia Stuhny – 40 and 10, Cherkaskyi Bir – 66 and 12, Mykhailivskyi – 74 species and 12 habitats, respectively. As a result of the Emerald network objects analysis, a total of 33 habitats from Resolution No 4 and 118 species from Resolution No 6 were identified. We suggested that the considered areas, despite their significant human transformation, can be considered as important territories to conserve and reproduce rare animal and plant diversity in the plain area of Ukraine.
Publication type: Статті Web of Science Core Collection
Publication: Ukrainian Journal of Ecology. - 2020. - № 10 (2) , р. 209 - 218.
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