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Title: Productivity and economical appraisal of growing raspberry according to substrate for mulching under the conditions of podilia area in Ukraine = Продуктивність та економічна оцінка вирощування малини за субстратом для мульчування в умовах району в Україні
Authors: Pantsyreva H. V., Myalkovsky R. O., Yasinetska I. A., Prokopchuk V. M.
Keywords: Raspberry, Variety, Yield, Mulching substrate, Economic efficiency
Date of publication: 2020-04-07 15:32:00
Last changes: 2020-04-07 15:32:00
Year of publication: 2020
Summary: Based on studies of substrates for mulching raspberry varieties Veresnevi zori revealed the following: for mulching with straw or sawdust, the onset of the phenological phases of raspberry plants occurs later, compared to the cultivation without mulching; a greater number of root shoots and shoots are provided by growing raspberries without mulching, but a higher shoot height (133.2 cm) and shoot shoots (123.9 cm) distinguishes the straw mulch variant; the maximum yield of raspberry berries of the Veresnevi zori variety is provided by mulching with sawdust - 94.5 c/ha, which is 3.1 c/ha more than straw mulching and by 16.9 c/ha the control variant. The share of ripe berries in the yield by mulching sawdust increases to 81.5%, which is 4.4% more compared to straw mulching and 9.1% more compared to the control variant; the highest average weight of berries and maximum weight of 5
berries was obtained by mulching raspberries with sawdust; for raspberry mulching with sawdust, the profitability of raspberry berries production is the highest -258.9% and 4.3% less than straw mulching. The results of the work are recommended to be used during research and in practice.
Publication type: Статті Web of Science Core Collection
Publication: Ukrainian Journal of Ecology. - 2020. - № 10 (1). - P. 210-214.
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