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Title: Consequences of functioning of banks with foreign capital in the banking system of Ukraine = Наслідки функціонування банків з іноземним капіталом в банківській системі України
Authors: Martseniuk O.
Keywords: banking system, foreign capital, bank with foreign capital, foreign bank, financial security, investments
Date of publication: 2020-02-26 09:59:19
Last changes: 2020-02-26 09:59:19
Year of publication: 2019
Summary: The research of the article is aimed at covering the concepts of "foreign capital", "bank with foreign capital", "foreign bank" and more. In the process of research, it is determined that banks operate in different market conditions, specialize in providing different types of services, set different goals, and therefore, their organizational structures may vary and differ from one another. At the same time, it is established that each of the existing types of organizational structures has its advantages and disadvantages, which should be taken into account in the process of choosing the appropriate method of organization. The method chosen should contribute to the maximum compliance of the banking institution with the market conditions in which it operates, the rational organization of work of bank employees of all units, the successful adjustment and fulfillment of all management functions, the maximum satisfaction of customer needs and, ultimately, the achievement of the goal set for the bank.
The influence of the growth of foreign capital in the banking system of Ukraine on the banking sector as a whole and the economy of Ukraine in particular is substantiated. The influence of the presence of foreign bank capital on both quantitative and qualitative indicators of the financial market, on interest rates, banks` tariffs, on the quality of services provided by banks, and on their spectrum is proved. Foreign banks have brought not only financial resources to the Ukrainian market, but also new banking technologies, high and proper standards of customer service and best examples of banking management systems as financial institutions, particular legal scrupulousness, risk management concepts, asset management and others. today`s banking sector is at a higher competitive level than other sectors of the country`s financial market. It is substantiated that the banking system of Ukraine underwent significant changes during the period of foreign capital expansion. This was reflected in the accelerated growth of banking assets, capital, loans and deposits, as well as the downturn caused by the disruption of the financial sustainability of the global economic system. It is determined that despite a number of positive changes, the expansion of foreign capital in the domestic banking system is accompanied by a significant list of risks to the banking sector and the economy of Ukraine as a whole, since foreign banks in Ukraine primarily pursue their own interests, without pursuing their own interests significant positive impact on the economic development of Ukraine and the efficiency of the functioning of the entire banking system as a whole. Recommendations were given to strengthen state control over the process of foreign capital entry into the Ukrainian banking sector. At the same time, one should be aware that with limited domestic sources of financing and extremely low public confidence in banks, a sufficient level of external financing, primarily through interbank channels, is a prerequisite for easing the resource constraints of the Ukrainian economy, improving the balance of payments, and restoring the real credit system. Therefore, the strategy of public administration of the process of entry of foreign banks into Ukraine should be to integrate them as much as possible into the Ukrainian economy, focusing on the fulfillment of priority national tasks.
Publication type: Статті
Publication: Економіка. Фінанси. Менеджмент: актуальні питання науки і практики. - 2019. - № 8. - С. 11-119.
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