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Title: Environmental management of protected objects of the Eastern Podillya: Theory and practice = Екологічне управління заповідними об'єктами Східного Поділля: теорія та практика
Authors: Mudrak O. V., Mazur G. F., Herasymiuk K. H., Mudrak H. V., Tarasenko H. S.
Keywords: Environmental management, Nature reserve fund, Biodiversity, Landscape diversity, Ecological network, Regional network, Representativeness, Physical and geographical zoning, Eastern Podillya
Date of publication: 2020-01-20 09:06:59
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Year of publication: 2019
Summary: The article deals with environmental management of the objects and territories of the Eastern Podillya Nature Reserve in the structure of the regional ecological network from the standpoint of physical and geographical zoning. A system of approaches and principles is proposed, which should be used when forming a network of protected objects. The main criterion for the selection of these objects should be the principle of representativeness, while it is advisable to take into account their three types - biotic (botanical; zoological; mycological); geographical (landscape; biogeographic); geosozological (objective; categorical; functional). The area, its size, configuration, state of internal ecological equilibrium, he qualitative and quantitative composition of the protected objects, the degree of anthropogenic impact and the types of conservation regimes play an important role in the creation of the protected objects. But also, of great importance in forming a network of protected objects is the matrix representation, which is widely used in EU countries. The basis is the landscape-zonal principle, where the matrix of biodiversity and landscapes are systems of units of natural areas (biogeographical, geobotanical, floristic, zoogeographic, physical and geographical). According to this principle, the creation of protected objects must be represented by typical (indicator) species of biodiversity, landscapes of all natural zones, subzones, regions, provinces, sub-provinces, districts. On-site surveys of the Eastern Podillya have found that a large proportion of protected sites do not fulfill the function of biodiversity and landscape diversity. The conducted field studies have shown that in the present ecological conditions of the region there is a risk of loss of this diversity. Therefore, using the principle of representativeness, we propose to optimize the nature reserve fund of Eastern Podillya from the point of view of physical and geographical zoning.
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Publication: Ukrainian Journal of Ecology. - 2019. - № 9 (4). - С. 732-737.
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