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Title: Ефективність реконструкції тваринницьких будівель з виробництва яловичини за умови дотримання норм технологічного проектування
Authors: Варпіховський Р. Л.
Keywords: cattle, technology, content, fattening of young, the microclimate stage
Date of publication: 2019-11-27 10:00:11
Last changes: 2019-11-27 10:00:11
Year of publication: 2019
Summary: Studies have established the content of young cattle under condition of use of the building for livestock 12×62 m with a loose method of content stay in the pits over tethered for a liveweight gain of 10.0% at a lower cost of feed and labor, respectively, 5.2% and 57.8 per cent. How factor using a 2-stage cultivation technology fattening of young cattle allows to increase live weight of animals and to 17-month age – 406,2 kg, an increase of 64.2 kg, or 15.8%, comparing with the outdated 3-stage technology, which provides higher profitability on the level of profitability of beef production of 33.3%, an increase of 22.2%. It is established that the comparative evaluation of the safety method of keeping of young cattle with loose housing in cubicles showed that loose housing option: cost of feed was less than 5.2% and labor costs at 57.8 per cent, the level of profitability that was higher by 18.31%.
So, offer producing use of the existing method of keeping loose with the rest of the animals in the pits for fattening of young cattle with the use of feed tables, with the cost of feed per 1 kg of weight gain 12 food. units and costs of labor in 1 CWT. increase in body weight of 3.25 people.
Publication type: Статті
Publication: Science Review. - 2019. - № 8 (25), October. - S. 8-15.
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