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Title: Complex analysis of the influence of different feeding on the productivity of silver black, red and white fox (Vulpes Vulpes)
Authors: Шевчук Т. В., Крамаренко С. С.
Keywords: foxes, productivity, complex estimation, feeding, substitute for meat feed, efficiency
Date of publication: 2019-11-11 08:54:40
Last changes: 2019-11-11 08:54:40
Year of publication: 2019
Summary: The article presents the results of a comprehensive analysis of the impact on the quality of fox skin of their color type, nutrition and the proportion of changes in meat feeds in rations. At the same time, morphological and commodity-related indicators of silvery-black, red and white foxes are studied. It has been experimentally established that the type of feeding, the proportion of replacing meat fodder on young rations of different color types has a different effect on the quality of furs. It was established that the color type of foxes significantly influenced the manifestation of such productive features as growth of live weight, length and width of the skin, area and mass (p<0.001). The type of meat substitute determined a significant change in the linear and massive parameters of fur. The share of meat replacer significantly influenced the formation of live weight of foxes and furs. The interesting complex impact of research factors on the productive features of foxes. In particular, the complex effect of the type of fox color and the type of substitute manifested itself in significant changes in the mass of animals and the mass of products derived from them (skins). The complex effect of all three factors was similar. However, to study the effect of the type of fox color and substitute particles, it turned out that only the skins changed reliably. They had no effect on the linear size of the fox skin and its assessment of the proportion of the feed additive for meat and the combination of this factor with the type of color and type of substitute.
Publication type: Статті
Publication: Аграрна наука та харчові технології : зб. наук. пр. ВНАУ. - 2019. - Вип. 3 (106). - С. 52-69.
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