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Title: Theoretical aspects of plant material sealing in a wedge-shaped canal
Authors: Milko D., Bratishko V., Kuzmenko V., Kholodiuk O.
Keywords: Haylage, plant material, compacting, sealing
Date of publication: 2019-07-08 15:59:37
Last changes: 2019-07-08 15:59:37
Year of publication: 2019
Summary: The article presents the main theoretical aspects that describe the influence of the design parameters of the press chamber on the qualitative indices of plant materials compaction process in a wedge-shaped canal. The article analyzes the structure of the output monolith in terms of density in layers located at different heights, which allows making predictions about the further use of the resulting blocks of plant raw materials for long-term storage. Also article presents the structural scheme of the device designed to seal the plant material. Thanks to the proposed theoretical approach, it is possible to evaluate processes occurring during compaction. The article demonstrates that qualitative indicators of plant material compaction significantly affect the preservation of nutrients in the process of their storage. With insufficient sealing between the particles, there is an excessive amount of air that allows the development of pathogenic microflora. The next step is to damage and disintegrate the nutrients of feed raw materials. In the case of excessive sealing, the destruction of plant cells will occur, which is also a negative consequence. The mathematical description of the process of plant material compaction with a solution of
dependencies is given. Mathematical modeling allowed to give a description of the interaction of plant materials with the surfaces of the sealing chamber and internal interactions between the particles of the plant material itself. Taking into account, the above-mentioned parameters, it is possible to more accurately plan the design of presses for certain plant materials taking into account their physical and mechanical properties.
Publication type: Статті Scopus
Publication: Modern development paths of agricultural production. Trends and innovations. - Cham: Springer nature switzerland AG. - 2019. - P. 139-144.
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