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Title: Energy-economic efficiency of growth of grain-crop cultures in conditions of right-bank forest-steppe zone of Ukraine
Authors: Mazur V. A., Didur I. M., Pantsyreva H. V., Telekalo N. V.
Keywords: Peas, lupine white, pre-treatment of seeds, foliar nutrition, grain productivity, grain quality, economic and bioenergetic efficiency
Date of publication: 2019-02-26 08:26:42
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Year of publication: 2018
Summary: Web of Science. The article aims to develop the theoretical framework and test the practical measures on increasing the efficiency of pea and lupine white breeding by cultivar selection, technological substantiation of basic tillage, and optimizing nutrition, in the conditions of the Forest-steppe zone. The results of the research in studying the peculiarities of growing, development and formation grain productivity of peas and lupine white depending on the pre-treatment of seeds and foliar nutrition usage are determined as well as economic, bioenergetic valuation and the evaluation of the technology on the competitiveness is given. In addition to soil introduction of the calculated doses of mineral fertilizers, it is imperative to use highly effective fertilizers for foliar fertilization on peas and lupine, in particular and microplant. It is also advisable to conduct the treatment before sowing peas and lupine with biopreparations on the basis of nodule bacteria and also carry out the treatment of seeds with biopharmaceuticals based on phosphate-mobilizing bacteria and a bacterial preparation for the prevention of fungal disease of the root system of plants. Using the obtained theoretical and experimental data, the breeding peculiarities and the development of the assimilation apparatus and the effectiveness of the PAPs usage, functioning of the symbiotic apparatus, formation of individual, and grain productivity of peas and lupine varieties depending on the method of basic soil cultivation and feeding systems were established. The economic and energy efficiency of peas and lupine grain production using the proposed elements of the technology of growing these leguminous crops in the conditions of the Forest-steppe zone was also calculated.
Publication type: Статті Web of Science Core Collection
Publication: Ukrainian Journal of Ecology. - 2018. - № 8 (4). - P. 26-33.
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