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Title: Protection of soils and water resources as an important factor in forming preparation to the project activity of future agroengineers in institutions of higher education
Authors: Pryshliak V.
Keywords: agroengineering, technological, process, technology, training, methodology, soil, agricultural machinery, slopes, water, erosion
Date of publication: 2019-02-25 11:01:31
Last changes: 2019-02-25 11:01:31
Year of publication: 2018
Summary: Here are presented the results of scientific researches on the study of the bases of protection of soils and water resources by future agroengineering specialists in higher education institutions. In the educational process of agroengineering training, it is important to develop a motivational and cognitive criterion of preparing the future specialists for the project activity on the basis of fundamental knowledge of the mechanical and technological properties of agricultural materials such as soil, water, fertilizers, pesticides, plants, shrubs, trees, as well as other additional products and agricultural waste, etc., for the purpose of carrying out the necessary environmental measures that will ensure the optimization of the parameters of technological processes, machines and structures which are being developed, constructed and projected. Innovative pedagogical technology of teaching is developed according to the method of gradually increasing the amount of educational material, which comes as a result from previously learned and mastered material. It is recommended that about 20% of the training program for agroengineering to be directed by obtaining general and special environmental competencies. The acquired special professional skills of agroengineers will ensure the development of project activity on the basis of preservation and multiplication of natural resources.
Publication type: Статті у зарубіжних наукових фахових виданнях (Copernicus та інші)
Publication: International scientific journal "Mechanization in agriculture". - 2018. - № 64, Issue 4. - P. 141-145.
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