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Title: Productivity of organic tomatillo grown in the open ground under conditions of the right-bank forest-steppe of Ukraine
Authors: Vdovenko S. A., Polutin O. O., Kostiuk O. O., Kutovenko V. B., Vdovychenko I. P.
Keywords: morphological features, biometric indicators, tomatillo, fruit yield, marketability
Date of publication: 2018-12-27 14:42:33
Last changes: 2018-12-27 14:42:33
Year of publication: 2018
Summary: The paper examines the effect of plant treatment of the tomatillo with bio-agents on the productivity and its marketability under a biologized growing system. The effect of bio-agents on the biometric indicators of the tomatillo plants is scientifically substantiated and proved. It has been established that the plant height can vary from 59.2 cm to 61.1 cm in Likhtaryk variety and it can range within 56.9-62.7 cm in Ananasovyi variety. Bacteria Azotobacter chroococcum or yeast p. Saccharomyces provide a positive effect of Azotobacterin and Rostmoment on the formation of most fruits, weight and diameter of the fruit. It has been established that the plant leaf area increases up to 72.2 thousand m2/ha and 83.1 thousand m2/ha due to application of Rostmoment or Biopolycid, and spraying of plants with Biopolycid increases leaf dry matter by 15%. Likhtaryk variety is characterized by the high yield and fruit marketability when Humisol and Biopolycid are applied five times, where its value is 29.1 and 27.8 t/ha, and the marketability is 86.2%.
Publication type: Статті Web of Science Core Collection
Publication: UkrainianJournalof Ecology. - 2018. - № 8 (3). - P. 254-258.
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