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Title: Design of the system to control a vibratory machine for mixing loose materials
Authors: Yanovych V., Honcharuk T., Honcharuk I., Kovalоva K.
Keywords: effect of vibration on the process of mixing, loose material, control system, optimal operational parameters of vibratory machine
Date of publication: 2018-04-23 12:17:59
Last changes: 2018-04-23 12:17:59
Year of publication: 2017
Summary: Based on the analysis of special features in the implementation of process of mixing a loose material, we have proven a prospect of using vibratory machines. The application of vibratory machines for mixing loose materials makes it possible to increase erformance efficiency of the machine, reduce its energy consumption and improve quality of the obtained mixture. Intensive oscillatory motion of controlling elements of the vibratory machine contributes to the creation of a circulating transportation of mixture in the processing zone and ensures destruction of coagulated structures of the treated material. To ensure the highly-dynamic state during treatment of a material, regardless of the physical-mechanical properties of raw materials
and the degree of its loading, we designed a system of control over operational parameters of the vibratory machine. The designed system improves control systems based on the adapted vibration drive that may enable a change in the arrangement of its unbalanced masses during operation of the vibratory machine. However, the shortcoming of these systems is the assessment of amplitude-frequency characteristics of the machine only. In contrast, in the proposed system, the monitoring unit runs a comprehensive analysis of kinematic and speed characteristics of both the machine and the dynamic state of the treated material. The proposed control system includes the unit for active analysis of the dynamic state of oscillatory system and the control unit over a drive mechanism of the vibratory machine. Functional interaction between specified units, depending on the type of a raw material, ensures independent adaptation of the vibratory machine to the technologically optimal parameters of its work. By using designed control system, we obtained operational parameters for the kinematic and speed indicators of the vibratory
machine for preparing a premix, which ensure high homogeneity of the resulting mixture at minimum energy consumption for its reparation. Specifically, at angular velocity of drive shaft ω=110−120 rad∙s-1and oscillation amplitude A=2.0−2.2 mm, homogeneity of the resulting mixture of premix is 96−98 %. Total energy consumption for these indicators is equal to 1,250 Wh.
Publication type: Статті Scopus
Publication: Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies. - 2017. - № 6/3 ( 90 ). - С. 4-13.
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